Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I still don't feel in tip-top shape. I just slept and relaxed last week until Friday. We had our dinner and movie night at Larry and Sheri's. That is always nice. Then Saturday we had dinner at Olive Garden for my Grandparent's 61st Wedding Anniversary. Sunday was crazy. We were at my Mom's by noon to celebrate Dylan's 3rd birthday, Peter Piper Pizza for Elizabeth's 1st birthday, Wylie's for a bbq and finally made it home by 10:30pm. Monday was nice and relaxing, then Tuesday Nikolai and I had a play date with two of the other mommies and their babies. Later Tuesday we had dinner at Brandon's cousin's house. Now, I have some hefty cleaning before we leave for northern California on Friday after Brandon gets home from work...

I am so thankful that Nikolai is such a good behaved little boy. Here, he is watching a doll that sings "when the moon hits your eye..." with his daddy on Friday night. Nikolai is so sweet! What he is doing here is not just a sign of tiredness. One of the ways he says "I Love You" is by resting his head on you. It is such a great feeling! That day, and Saturday he was all about his Daddy. Which of course made it difficult for me because he didn't want me, he wanted Daddy. I just love seeing the two of them together!

Wow! 61 years. Congratulations goes to my Grandparents for this fantastic feat! I am so glad that my Grandpa suggested to share this with family. It was nice getting together with everyone. I think the server got a kick out of us because we are such an indecisive group. But they handled us well! Olive Garden has such yummy food too!

That definitely gives Brandon and I a goal, to be married for 61+ years and still in good health to enjoy our family, grand-kids and great-grand-kids!

Sunday was just non-stop busy. We were supposed to get to my Mom's at 11, but we were running late. And it seemed to just follow the rest of the day. We missed Dylan opening presents but didn't miss the candles on the cake. :) 

Wow, I just can't believe she is 3 already! She has been growing up so fast, already in preschool. Before we know it, she will be graduating High school!

Little Elizabeth is getting big too! I am sad I wasn't able to get a picture of her face when everyone was singing for her, but that will be more interesting next year when she realizes it is for her. This year it is all about the cake!

Wylie actually has held Nikolai several times now. Which is a surprise, but I think he is a reformed baby despise-er. Being around babies has made him realize how cool they are. And, he seems to think that Nikolai is pretty cool too!

I have no pictures from the play date. But spending time with cousins is always fun! :)

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  1. Sounds super busy but super fun! Congrats to your grandparents!


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