Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sitting Up

Nikolai can put himself into a sitting up position from his tummy! All by himself! I am so proud!

I edited this video down because we were playing with those stacking rings. When sitting up, he falls sometimes still, but he is doing it more and more often! I came into his room this morning and found him sitting up in his crib! It was just last month and he could only sit up supported. Now he can put himself into that position all by himself!

My little boy is growing so fast! He surprises me all the time! :)

Brandon and I went to see Transformers: Dark side of the Moon last night with Jordan and Patrick and my dad watched Nikolai. when he went to put him to bed, he decided to use his crib for standing support... Guess tonight we will be lowering the mattress! I was hoping we had a little bit longer! Here is the picture my Dad took with his phone...

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