Thursday, June 2, 2011


... and taking care of Baby. It's difficult, it's hard, and you are only waiting for the next opportunity to take a nap. Yeah, no fun...
So, Sunday we had fun at the Stroh's 6th annual Memorial Weekend BBQ. Good times and good food with great people.
Monday, I wake up sick to my stomach and cannot keep food inside my body. Luckily Brandon had the day off. But, I am so used to caring for Nikolai that it was hard to hand over the duty. At least I got some nap time in. I should have gotten more because Tuesday I was miserable. I napped when Nikolai napped, but not much more than that.
Wednesday... I felt so bad for poor Nikolai. He woke up, I changed and fed him and lucky me he went back to sleep. He woke me up when he was done napping; so I changed him, fed him and sat him up (with the boppy behind him to catch him if he fell) at a play gym we got hand me down from a friend (so thankful for all the great stuff we got from her!). I layed some pillows down next to him and fell asleep. He started crying cause he was hungry, so I fed him (while still lying down), and fell back asleep. At some point I thought I heard him filling his diaper, but it did not phase a sick mommy who needed sleep. At least not until he started crying again. The whole day went like that until Brandon got home. He went out to work on his bronco. (really?!?) And did not come inside until I called him a half hour later. After the attitude, huffing and him showering, I was finally able to sleep straight through the evening. I woke up around 7:30, only because I needed to feed Nikolai.
I had not been able to eat anything. I was drinking powerade, water and juice hoping that it would be enough to keep me hydrated enough to feed my son. But thankfully, I think that sleeping did me good. Finally, 4 days later I am feeling better. No more off and on again fever. I can keep food down. It's so much nicer feeling good!
Next time I am sick, I am going to call someone to come watch Nikolai so that I can sleep, only with a few feedings from mommy to give him the antibodies to whatever it is I have...

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