Saturday, June 25, 2011

6 Months - Rice Cereal!

Wednesday we started feeding Nikolai solids. Well I guess you can't really call runny rice cereal a solid, it is more like a semi-solid. But still, it is more than being breastfed! I was so excited! The doctors appointment was at 2 so that way when we did the solids Brandon would have been home and showered.  We set up the highchair near the dinner table so that the lighting was good for not only pictures, but the camcorder! Had to get that first on video! :)

 I have yet to upload the video onto the computer. But I did take several pictures! Mom says he looked like he enjoyed it from watching the video, and since he isn't turning his head away from the spoon he must like it!

Poor thing. He is still too small a little bit for the highchair and his Daddy messed with the straps trying to tighten them. It did not make him a happy little boy, and started crying. Not a good way to start his first time eating solid foods! But that was over quite quickly!

His very first spoonful of rice cereal!

After being finished, he decided to try it himself! Gotta love that messy face!

And a tired smile for Mama!

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