Saturday, September 24, 2011

9 Months

We have reached the 9 month mark and are on our final stretch to 1 year! This time has gone by so fast! He is such an amazing little dude, so relaxed and well tempered! I am so lucky that he is who he is, and to have him in my life!

The doctors appointment went fairly well. Nikolai is only a little over 16lbs! But, he is 28 inches long. He may be a tiny little guy, and we have to go back in 5 weeks, but he is a strong little guy! The doctor seemed impressed with all he can do!

He had not remembered that he had started crawling by 6 months, and now he is cruising with the furniture, and can even stand for a few seconds on his own! That is becoming more and more frequent and I even had a dream about him walking!
Well, the doctor was using the stethoscope and the tool (I have no idea what it is called) to look into his eyes and ears. Nikolai did not want to have any of it and kept pushing the doctors hands away. The doctor was impressed with Nikolai's strength. I found the struggle funny. Nikolai did not.

So we go back for a weight check to make sure he is not loosing, and a flu booster. Poor little dude. The doctor had asked me if he seems to eat enough. I tell him, I feed him until he stops eating. Well, it doesn't seem to happen often though. This boy can eat a lot, and I feel I am constantly feeding him! He may just have a great metabolism, cause he also just go, go, goes!