Thursday, September 8, 2011

Waiting Still...

And so I think I may have lost the opportunity for this job. No response from the school, and no response from one of my references. I am totally bummed. Why does employemnt have to be reliant upon a person who will not contact anyone?

I was trying to stay positive. But, it is really hard to do so.

I had a phone call stating that they were just waiting on references and background checks. It has been a week since that phone call and I have not heard back. I have sent an email to a couple of my references asking if they heard from the school. Only one has responded to me. I should probably call, but I feel bad doing so like I would be interupting class or some form of work. I sent an email to the principal of the school to see if they have heard back from my references, and nothing.

That would be another reason for not calling. Nikolai has been so cranky these last couple days. Maybe he senses my angst and frustration about this job, I don't know. Maybe he is teething. But he just has not been happy. Nor has he been napping, which probably adds to his crankyness! That is just making all this that much harder!

Frustration! I just hope that I did not loose this opportunity because of 1 person...

Besides this, Nikolai is starting to eat more. He ate a whole jar of meat (2.5 oz) in one day, two days in a row! I am impressed! Yesterday, he ate a whole jar of meat, two cubes of zucchini (they were frozen), and a few yogurt melt drops! This was for dinner. I was so impressed! I remember when it was hard to just get him to eat 2 cubes from the ice tray of anything (except broccoli, he loves broccoli!)! He is growing up!

At an appointment I had last Thrusday, they said he was 16lbs 3oz. It seems low for how he feels. But we go in to the doctor on the 22nd. We will see how much he has grown by then! :)