Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Arizona Flag Mug Rug

I am super stoked! I started this project back on Flag Day (which actually was a coincidence, totally not intentional) and I became way discouraged. I know how to paper piece, but creating a paper piece template/pattern is way different. But with time and patience, I like to rush sometimes, I was able to complete this Mug Rug and I am super stoked!

One Bucket List item is now half complete! :)

Update, you can now but this pattern! Arizona Mug Rug on Craftsy

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, you may have seen this sad attempt...

I redid the pattern/template for it. It took another 2 attempts to fix the pattern/template, but I figured it out! I only needed to 'waste' fabric for one. At least that is what Brandon said. But I like being able to see where my mistake was and I think that helped my create the one that worked! :)

And now I have this! I feel that it is perfect! Of course, those of you that follow me have seen it already too... :)

I originally wanted to make it for the swap we did with Bakersfield (brought in the mug rugs last month) but it was by no means ready at that time. And because of the first attempt, I put off this one for a couple months (expecting Samara was a factor).

Now all I have to do is sandwich it, quilt it and bind it. I want a yellow thread for the quilting and have no idea what to do for the backing or binding. I was thinking of taking a trip to JoAnn's tomorrow (or even Walmart) to see if they have any left over 4th of July fabrics on clearance. Or anything else that may work. Today is not an option as Nikolai is Finally napping!

I just needed to share this as I am super stoked that it worked!

I plan on creating a PDF using the template, with the assumption that one knows the basics of how to paper piece, and listing it for sale on Craftsy. I was thinking listing it on Etsy, but Etsy charges a fee for listing an item and a percentage of the sale... When I manage to get my scanner working, does anyone have any suggestion on which they think I should list the pattern? Of course, if the alphabet quilt works out (also a current WIP/bucket list item) then I can list that as well. :)

I am just super excited that it worked! :)

Don't mind the colors of the rays and the star. They are supposed to be switched but I did not have enough yellow for the rays, only the star. I love our flag, and what it represents! 13 rays for the 13 colonies, colored yellow and red for the flag of Spain and our beautiful sunsets. The star is copper colored for the copper mined and the blue on bottom represents the foundation of our country, liberty! Just thought I would share that little bit with you. :) I am such a dork. :)

Until next time... Happy crafting! :)

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