Monday, August 5, 2013

The Arrival of Samara - part 2

I am actually taking the time to go through pictures! Now that it is super late and I should really be sleeping... But then when else am I going to do this? Hopefully this is ok since my new momma sleep deprived brain is still a little out of whack! I put coffee grounds into the basket and completely spaced the filter the other day, and didn't realize until 2 scoops in...

So, here are some pictures. :)

41 Weeks 2 Days
Getting Ready to go to the Hospital

Welcome to the World,

We are Proud Parents Again!

Nikolai's first time seeing Samara.

Nikolai gets to hold his baby sister. :)

What good is a hospital if you cannot make use of the supplies?

I am so glad that we got to leave about 27 hours after her birth! We went to Chipotle on the way home and they comped my burrito too! Awesome! 

One thing I forgot to say... Samara's APGAR scores were 9/9! That is awesome! 

Already at her last Dr appointment she gained enough up to 8lbs (she had only lost about 7-8oz after birth, not bad) and is now at 20 inches in length! Crazy little weed! :)

Nikolai is 24.5 lbs and 35 inches! Dr said his growth (though still low on the scale) is looking good. And, he seems to be fine. :) Dr is impressed with his potty training (without regression)! Yay!

Nikolai is now testing! Hurrah for behaviors that are difficult to deal with when nursing Samara! He loves his sister though. And, I am super excited about this, he has not regressed at all in the area of potty training! Hurrah! We had some accidents over last weekend, but I think that was because he was out all day and not in the vicinity of an actual toilet. He was not happy doing his business on the potty seat insert out in the dirt. Not that I blame him. I wonder how he will take to camping now that he is potty trained... Hmm...

This weekend has not been that great. Headaches, plugged milk duct (way ouch!), toddler behaviors... It's a wonder I am unable to sleep currently, it is almost 11pm!

I hope that I am not forgetting anything... This sleep deprived momma needs to attempt to get some rest! :)

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