Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nearly 6 Weeks!

Time is going by even faster! It is amazing what children do to you! Well, to time!

But, how much we do love them...

Nikolai is insanely jealous of baby girl taking up his mommy's time! He does what he can to get attention when I am feeding Samara, or holding her, or changing her diaper... My goodness is it frustrating!

But he loves his sister dearly. He tells me to wake her up and do tummy time just because he wants to 'play' with her. It is so cute! 

He is still going strong on the potty! Woohoo, no regression here! 

Samara loves to roll off of us, we lie down and do tummy to tummy. She just rolls right off and will do it again and again and again. She will cry when I do it, if I don't get her on my stomach fast enough. She also loves to stand. Granted we are holding her and she looks so cute doing little squats. Her arms go up and she grunts slightly when she pushes to standing. It is too funny. Too bad she doesn't have better head control or else I would set up the jumperoo! 

I have decided the library would be a good, cheap hangout for us. Only cost is the gas to get there (as long as I don't stop by McDonald's). Nikolai was happy and we checked out a few books about Dinosaurs for him. I got some books for the Virtual Book Club for Kids and a book about composition (I feel my photography is horrific and that makes me kinda sad)...

I have been super busy this week. working on quilting a blanket, painting the mural in Samara's room, and other things.

Today I tried shooting in RAW and I really enjoyed it so much better than JPG...

Here are a few more shots I took of baby girl...


Enjoy your week! :)

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