Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Building My Capsule Wardrobe: Month 2: What I Am Thankful For

Last month I posted about what I learned from my first month while trying to build my summer capsule wardrobe, you can read that here.

Month 2:
Now that I have reached the second month, I was originally going to share and expand on what I have learned. But...

1. I have come to terms with the idea that I still have no clue as to what I am doing.

2. I still don't fully understand what a silhouette is or how to go about establishing mine.

3. I still haven't figured out my magic number of items.

4. I am hyper aware of my ill-fitting, state of disrepair garments. I had to pull out a cardigan and wow.. holy holes batman! I became a little discouraged...

Since that first post I have removed 1 dress that is way too long (like, dragging on the floor long)
I have added 1 cami, 1 tank, 1 peplum top, 1 pair of pants, and 1 skirt.

I blogged those outfits. You can read about the tank, cami and pants here. You can see my skirt and peplum top here.

What I am thankful for:
Instead of sharing what I learned, instead I am going to touch on what I am thankful for since taking this up.

1. Laundry taking less time. I know I mentioned this before, but nothing can beat spending less time folding, sorting, ironing, hanging, etc... I need to apply this to the kids wardrobes so it doesn't take nearly as long just to do their laundry.

2. It takes way less time to put something on in the morning. Seriously. I grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt today, I didn't even thing about it. I knew I loved what I was wearing and that it was comfortable. I got a compliment, and I was like "wha? just jeans and a tee?" but hey! It was great!

3. Everything is in one spot. I don't have to hunt through my dresser for bottoms, then dig through my closet for a top. It's all right there, in one of the smallest spaces in my closet. I love it! (now I just need to get rid of everything I don't use)...

4. I have more time for other things. I actually did my toe nails the other day. I never do that. I spent some time of grooming that I otherwise felt there wasn't time for. Granted, I'm not doing the kids laundry (we can sift through their baskets for clean clothes, right?!?)... More free time is a bonus.

5. The fluidity of the concept. Like removing a dress. Replacing with something else. I want a different dress than the one I have, but it's just gonna have to do because... well... fabric is expensive. So, I just gotta make do with what I got right now... ;)

Be Intentional:
This word has been popping up all over the place with me lately. Intentional parenting, intentional about time, intentional in my marriage. And, by golly, it applies here too!

My mom offered me to go through some bags of clothes to see if I wanted anything. You know what? I didn't take one. single. thing.

I would have. I would have taken the bag to refashion, repurpose, make something for the kids. But, I didn't. None of the clothes fit with what I had, so I didn't take it. The kids have more than enough clothes, so I didn't consider refashions. I am so proud that I didn't take it.

Sure, I could have felt bad that my mom still has to figure something out with all. those. clothes... seriously, it was a lot. But, I don't need to take them because I feel bad that she has them.

so, intentional. Be intentional about the fabric you pick out. The patterns you use, and the clothes that you buy. FreeNotion.com has a great post on picking fabrics and patterns for your body type.

Everything requires thought and action. Passively working your way through is not going to guarantee success. I'm going through passively, and that's probably why I still don't know what a silhouette is. But I know my body type now. And, that's a huge step!

Jump In:
Want to, but not sure where to start? I those websites in the first capsule wardrobe post are still super handy. all you gotta do is start. It's not easy. Especially when it comes down to purging. I have the hardest time with purging. I still haven't made it to Good-Will and I so need to! But in the end, it is so rewarding!

What are your thoughts?
Is this a thing that can last, has lasted and will last? Or is this the latest fashion craze?

Whatever you decide to do...

Have Fun!


  1. Love all of this! I think it's funny that the whole "wardrobe capsule" is a fad. I love the idea of simplifying and it saves time and money. Love what you're discovering through all of this though.

    1. Haha, right! It's probably been around for a while, just not with that term.. like the whole minimalist thing... I guess it's just making a come back?
      I'm glad you enjoy reading! :)


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