Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Flying Geese Block: Multiple ways for the same block: A Round Up {quilting}

I decided to start working on the pattern for the Over in the Jungle jelly roll quilt, and in the digging process of finding the cutting dimensions (on a slip of paper with the scraps) I decided to look up the different was to make a flying geese block. Essentially, that was the route I took to make the blocks and wow, there are a lot of different ways to sew up a flying geese block! 

The Berry Bunch: Flying Geese Tutorial Round Up

Pat Sloan has a video tutorial on how to sew them. Check that out here. She also give cutting instructions for a few different dimensions.

Connecting Threads has a tutorial for the method with a 'no waste' method too. Check out those two methods here.
Or check out the no waste method at Generations Quilt Patterns. I've never tried this method but it seems pretty cool if you have a bunch to make!

Check out doing this with triangles over at All People Quilt. This one scares me because you are sewing on the bias edge. I would probably warp and stretch the fabric. 

Connecting Threads also has a tutorial for folding the rectangle so you get almost like a 3-d effect slightly. It seems interesting. check out that tutorial here.

Stitch This has the different method with charts for cutting. check out those here.

The way I do it is the line drawn method. Though I might try the no waste method, it looks really cool! I do love the little triangles left over though. They are so fun to turn into improv-blocks, mug rugs, and such. 

How do you sew up the flying geese blocks?