Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Building My Capsule Wardrobe: Month 3: Round 2: Time for a Fresh Start

When I set out on this adventure of limiting my wardrobe in the Capsule fashion, I was confused as to the limitations of having that set wardrobe for only 3 months.

Why only 3 months?!? It made no sense. 

Of course, in the southwest desert we only have 2 seasons. 
1.   Hot 
2.   sort of not Hot. 

Based on this I figured I would really only need to go through the process twice. Once for hot (which I started 3 months ago) and once for the not so Hot season. 

I was wrong.

We are HOT right now. My warbrobe is no longer sufficient. I'm not comfortable, it's humid from the monsoons; still fairly dry though, I'm not really complaining! But the colors do not match my mood, my feelings, or how my body is feeling at the moment. 

And, guess what!?! It's been 3 months! Those people that do it for 3 months? Yeah... they are brilliant.

I am not going to attempt sewing anything new. Maybe a new skirt, but that is very doubtful. Not right now. I'll be sharing why in a little bit. But, not today.

I have set up a new capsule wardrobe and traded out some items to be more fitting to my mood and the monsoon season. But have keept some items.

I have to say though that this has been a great experience for me. I have taken boxes (and I mean LOTS) of clothes to goodwill. I was going to try the second hand store but really, I didn't want to bother. I just wanted them gone. And, I didn't even worry about turning them into clothes for kids except for the ones that had holes in the hem and shoulders. I love having more room in my closet, more room in my drawers and less laundry to have to worry about.

I think I am going to be limiting the kids clothes too! I'm tired of having tons of their laundry to have to worry about. Aside from the potty training little girl. That laundry is pretty much unavoidable.

So... Here is the list for my new wardrobe... 

5 camisoles
4 tanks
4 shirts
2 blouses (1 sleeveless, 1 with)
1 cardigan
2 capri
1 pants
3 skirts
3 dresses
2 necklaces
27 Items

I decided not to count shoes. I am sticking with a sneaker, ballet flat, and flip flop.

I'm seriously in the middle with clothes right now and the heat with the monsoon has limited in what I am comfortable.

I'm incorporating some more browns and more blues, but still have some pink accents in there a little bit.

This is definitely going to be changing soon, but I am holding on as long as I can to these items! ;) I am hoping I can make it another 3 months!

Happy Organizing!