Thursday, July 16, 2015

Water and Ice Activity with HattieLu Handmade: A Week to Beat the Heat

Day 4 of A Week to Beat the Heat is here! This week has gone by so fast, my goodness! With so many neat ideas to keep you cool during the remainder of these warm hot summer days, it'll make the rest of the summer go by so fast!

If you missed the previous days, check them out:
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fresh fruit popsicles with Create 3.5!

Today we have Hattie over at HattieLu Handmade for her water and ice activity!

"My Boys love the outdoors! If they could have their wish we'd be outside from sun up to sun down. To keep the boys moving and shaking, I came up with an awesome use for water and ice. Get ready to get messy while having a blast!"

So much fun! I cannot wait to give that a try with my kiddos. Well, at least baby girl. I know she loves to get super messy! :)

Check it out! Have fun and stay cool!

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