Monday, July 13, 2015

A Week to Beat the Heat: Kicking off with a Round Up from Mae&K!

It's the middle of summer. It's been hot. Here in the desert it has been in the 100's. Actually we got into the 110's for a few days! What a perfect time to have a tour of activities you can do with your little ones to help stay cool during these hottest months of the year! Plus, our kids out here start school in a week, so what a fun way to finish off summer!

Introducing: A Week to Beat the Heat

Kicking off is the awesome Maegan over at Mae&K with 5 ways to stay cool over the summer without a pool!

Some awesome ideas! I love seeing water play without a water table (we don't have one) and I totally haven't thought of just using buckets and bowls!

Check it out! and stay cool!

check out day two, homemade snowcones with the wholesome mama!
day three, fresh fruit popsicles with Create 3.5!