Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 Day To Go...

And praying I do not go into negative numbers! Though at this point who knows when he will decide to make his entrance into the world? I am so done and so ready. I did not sleep much last night because of waking up at least once an hour because of contractions. Once it hit 4 am, I was not able to go back to sleep. If it isn't heartburn or baby moving, then it is contractions keeping you awake. Ugh! And they are only coming at 20 minutes apart! Hopefully today they come faster! Yesterday they were about 20-30 minutes apart and I don't know how many more nights like that I can endure!

On Thursday (9th) Brandon came home and surprised me with roses and a card for 2 years since he proposed. It was so sweet and I felt bad because I was taking a nap. But he was so cute about it! We then went out for dinner at Olive Garden because I wanted Eggplant Parmesan (even though I didn't wind up getting that).  

Friday, I went to the Women's Christmas Dinner with my Mom-in-law. It was nice. Some of the husbands were the waiters, there was Christmas music playing and some of the women had a gift exchange. There were 3 of us preggers sitting at the table and it was joked that we needed to be separated by the non-pregnant people. I was getting contractions during the dinner that night, and for a period of half an hour they were coming every 10 minutes! Too bad that didn't keep up! :(

So Meghan took me to the Tucson Mall on Saturday to walk around. I think I experienced some funky feelings during the 6 hours we were there! At one point I felt like the weight just started to sink down. I am assuming that was Nikolai dropping. But it was just weird. Then another one, and I felt like a was being pulled apart, kinda like a wishbone. Meghan said that was dilation occurring! :) How exciting! We also got these cute rockers. Like rocking horses, only stuffed, soft animals. I got an octopus for Nikolai (thank you Meghan!!!) and Meghan got this cute little lady bug for Izzy. The rock-a-bye's sing the alphabet, shape and a color song! It is too cute!

Sunday, I wanted to keep up with the walking so Brandon and I went and walked around the 4th Avenue Street Fair. Granted it was slower paced than I would have liked, it still was walking! Plus we got to see a bunch of nifty art stuff. One of the stands had these incredibly awesome hand-crafted wooden rocking chairs! The rocking chair was so comfortable. It fit the lumbar of the back perfectly! Too bad the chairs were $6500! But they were beautiful! 

Monday we walked the neighborhood and target (and managed to get some Christmas shopping done). I am hoping that this helped with the progress that was given to me by the doctor yesterday. 

Yesterday, on the way to our last childbirthing class, I started to feel sick. Not like upset stomach sick, but like when an airplane just takes off and you can feel your insides sink in your body. That kind of sick. Except the airplane feeling goes away, this was not going away. Instead it got worse when a contraction started and then eased after it was over, but was still there. At least the contractions were coming pretty consistently most of the day. Until about 7:30pm, then they started to slow down. Though so far today, they are back to about 20 minutes apart. I think I may go walk the neighborhood later to help move them along.

Hopefully we don't have much farther to go. When I went to the doctor yesterday he said I was 2 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced! Wow, 80% thinned out in one week! That is a lot! Hopefully that is a good thing. He said that he would not be surprised if Nikolai comes by the end of the week. But you never know. I just need to keep doing what I am doing to move things along. Though I do not think it will happen by tomorrow, unless the contractions pick up today. 

Since it didn't happen on the 9th, how cool that would be if it happens on Friday! The 17th would be exactly 9 months from our wedding date! It's too funny because this is hard to get to happen even if you plan it that way! But, we will see come these next few days. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I do not want to go into negative numbers. I am done and I am hoping that Nikolai agrees as well...