Sunday, January 13, 2013

Extra Preggo Info...

I forgot to share this information on my post on Friday! How could I forget?
When I went into the doctor and was weighed, I am no longer loosing weight but have gained! Yay! I would like to thank the dissipating morning sickness and the ability to keep food down!
They (meaning the doctor and the UofA student) took the fundal height of measurement. One got 13 the other got 15. I am taking the middle and saying that I am right were I am supposed to be. :)
I do not know the heart rate. I do know that it is sounding healthy, it is strong and consistent. To me, that is more important than knowing the rate.
I took a measurement of my waist. I am 40 inches! I figure it will be fun to take measurement with this one as I did not do that with Nikolai. I wonder how big I got with him. We were shopping at Costco today and I said that I felt big. Brandon laughed (not to be mean) but just because I am not even close to as big as I am going to get. It made me laugh too.
We decided against a gender reveal. It is too expensive. With packing and unpacking and anticipating moving into our first house, we figure we would rather do an open house warming party instead. and...
If the baby is a boy, then we will celebrate with a "we are having a baby!" party. There would be no point in having a baby shower as we already have a ton of boy stuff (Sorry Alyssa). But if it is a girl, we can still do that baby shower, or sprinkling, rather... :) 
So we are just excited that there is a baby in my belly. Even Nikolai helped go through his toys and box them up for the baby. He was over willing to part with some of his that I feel are only his. I don't think he fully understands and I am ready for the incessant screaming of the word "MINE" that will soon follow the moment that box is opened.
Our realtor thinks we might be able to close by the 24th! I will await the email/phone call from our loan consultant to verify that, but it seems as though it is getting closer and I am super hoping all goes well! :)