Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter; 101 Days to Go!

Well, Easter came and went super fast! I did manage to find my egg dye in a box and took that out to dye Easter eggs with. I figured the kids would like it, and after some discussion with a teacher at the school I figured Nikolai might enjoy it too!

Nikolai enjoyed coloring the eggs. I sure hope that the other kids enjoyed it too. I am mostly just surprised at how well Nikolai did with coloring the eggs all by himself! I am also thankful there was no mess on the floor! Only on the table cloth (and fingers)!

Easter day we had my side of the family over, the coloring of the eggs was with Brandon's side. :)  It was nice to have my grandparents over to see the house. They hadn't seen it yet! And, they brought with them 3 place settings for our china for christmas and our anniversary. That puts us up to 9! Yay!

Here are some pictures from egg coloring...

...and egg hunting...

We were trying to get Nikolai to say happy Easter! :)

We also took a profile picture of me, 25 weeks, 101 days to go, on Easter!