Friday, October 22, 2010

8 Weeks and Counting Down...

So I had my 32 week (8 weeks to go!!!!) check-up with my doctor today and discussed some things. I am feeling much relieved about having chosen him. As the date draws near, I am anticipating the arrival of Nikolai so much more and cannot help but step inside the room and think "this is our baby's room!" And in preparation, I am trying to get more time in with subbing to make up for the loss of the hours at the bowling alley.

The doctors appointment today went well, pushed back from yesterday because he was called in to delivery. Some of the women at the office were so upset. Not like we can control when the baby comes! (course who knows, maybe they were induced for theirs... ) I have gained now a total of 22lbs! I think the scale at the office on Irvington and Park is off. Gaining 5 lbs in two weeks? Maybe I am playing catch-up from only gaining 17 lbs and staying that way for a month... Hmmm.... And the heart rate for Nikolai is still 150!

I had a the conversation with my doctor in regards to our wishes to deliver naturally and he was all gung-ho about it! His response was "great! I am here for you and your decisions, I am in no hurry to get the baby out, or even perform a Cesarean. If there is a necessity to it, you will be informed of the reasons why in order to make a decision." We even talked about induction/augmentation (Pitocin) and he started listing some ways to naturally augment the laboring process without the use of chemicals. I got lucky I think with my doctor. I feel so much better about that now. :)

We have more of the baby's room good to go now. Granted the sheet from mom [Grandma :)] is not on the mattress and the mattress is still in the plastic bag thing it came in, I didn't want it to get dusty or anything. I am just going to have to launder it again later, might as well save water, time and detergent! But clothes are all washed and folded and organized into the dresser/changer along with receiving blankets, regular blankets, diapers, and even towels! It is amazing how many things can fit into a tiny dresser/changer when the items going into it are so small. 

So with painted walls and the two items in their place, the room is almost complete. It just needs now a glider, a toy chest (so I have a place to put the ones we have now) and those foam letter puzzle pieces. No carpet means a needed type of padding to protect our little guy from the hard tile. What better way to do that than with letters and numbers? Oh, and cannot forget the bedding set. Course that is not a necessity anyway. At least the two walls are painted. I just walk into the room and take a deep breath (the smell of paint is finally starting to go away) and just walk around. I sometimes open the drawers and close them again, just because... I am waiting for him!

So far, I have not worked much in the district. Though I have had two paychecks with one days work on each. My next will have two days work! That is so exciting! I am totally enjoying it so far, course I have only been in Kindergarten rooms. That will change come November though. I will have 4 days on the paycheck from the first two weeks in November! That I think is great! 4 days in two weeks! I cannot wait! It is amazing how much you can get comfortable doing something and once you stop, you miss it. I just have so much fun in the classroom, I just miss it when I am not in one!

I went and visited Beth's classroom at the middle school and got a kick out of those kids! They were so funny! Talking about their goals for this quarter (and some of them had some pretty good goals!). We went to the library and did a scavenger hunt, and wow, some of their attitudes came out then. I just have to laugh because it is totally the age group and it just reinforces the fact that I just don't think it is for me. But regardless, it was still fun! Now I just need to stop in and say 'Hi' to Sherry at Sahuarita Intermediate when she is actually there, since I missed her yesterday. I will just live the classroom life precariously through my fellow classmates (lol). As long as they all enjoy their jobs, I am so happy for them!

I cannot help but smile thinking of this past week! Yeah, I may not be experiencing Braxton Hicks, (at least feeling them) but everything is looking (and sounding) healthy. That is really all that matters. I got to spend time in 2 classrooms this week, and got some more jobs for subbing! Though the house is a mess and it is even harder to do the dishes, I cannot help but feel happy right now. It just is exciting, thinking about baby, cause that is the only thought in my head!