Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Personal Summer and a Shower

This weekend was wonderful! Equipped with spending lunch with a friend, getting the nursery painted and stuff moved in, and a family shower! Though it may have been a busy weekend, and Brandon felt a little sick, it went rather smoothly. :) Now, we just feel a little worried, is it ok that I haven't felt Braxton Hicks contractions, or is it that I am just not noticing it?
Saturday I got to have lunch with Beth at Sweet Tomatoes! It was great (the food and the company) and we spent 3.5 hours there! It was nice spending time with a friend that I got used to seeing everyday because of school. Sad though, because now that school is over, everyone is going their own way (actually working in a school). But, at least after several attempts to get together, we finally did. The details of the friends shower was able to begin at lunch and the site has been selected. Hopefully it is available! But, should find out soon...

Speaking of showers, the family one was Sunday, and that was enjoyable. Got to spend time with family as short as it seemed. It is amazing how quickly the time goes by! It was like right when we got there it was done and over with. But it was nice having so many people together. The support from family was great too, and the couple of friends that were there. It was just a lot of fun!

Poor Brandon though. He was not feeling well that day. I think it was partly because we were up to 1:20 am Saturday morning painting the walls in the nursery and putting the crib together. When I was at lunch with Beth, Brandon went out and bought the paint that we had looked at a few times for the walls. It was a nice surprise, he had started painting before I got home. It took us a lot longer than anticipated to paint the two walls because of the spaces between the bricks and the dimples in the block. Not to mention it was a little annoying. But the light blue looks great, and now I can start putting stuff away! That I am very excited about!

Brandon brought up a concern that I have not felt Braxton Hicks yet. If I don't feel the practice contractions, does that mean labor might have complications or difficulties? I read into it a little on WhattoExpect.com and it should not be too much of a concern. I may not just notice it, if I get uncomfortable then I move. That may explain not noticing them. But the other day when I was at work at the bowling alley, I felt really hot, and just could not cool off! It lasted about a minute or two, and I wonder if that is a possible effect from the Braxton Hicks. I don't know and neither does Brandon, so I guess that can add to my list of questions for my doctors appointment on Thursday

Oh, and we have an appointment for a 3-d ultrasound next week! I am so excited! We are getting the cheapest package, which is the least amount of time, but still! We can get a little better view of the baby! Since we only had the sonogram done twice at the doctors, we decided it would be nice to get this done. Hopefully we can get some decent pics!