Monday, October 11, 2010

Saltillo Tile & Eggs

So, these last few days has been consisting of attempting to get the 'nursery' emptied out and how to fit at least 2 eggs into my daily food consumption.  For some reason, the eggs are extremely important, and either I don't know or just cannot remember why. And on Thursday, after Brandon came home, there was a crib and stroller on our front porch! Friday we had the mattress delivered! Thank you Dad! Though, the house is a mess, now we need to get the room going to have stuff put into it! 

So, it was Saturday. Brandon did not have to work and we actually got to spend the morning together! It was great! He made me a sunny side up egg and himself a scrambled egg in his nifty, tiny little cast iron pan. The perfect size for the biscuits I made. Who needs McDonald's when you have a nifty little cast iron pan and husband who can make awesome eggs in it? Anyway, this was an attempt to fit eggs into our diet. Needless to say, it was only the one I ate that day, but at least it was something! 

We then proceeded to emptying out the room that will be used for the nursery. Granted there was not much left inside, just a tiered shelving unit with the shamrocks from the wedding on them and baby stuff (diapers, clothes, etc...), car stuff for Brandon's Eclipse and some other engine (that I cannot remember), and the pack 'n play. While Brandon was taking a nap, I decided to take out some of the items, including the pack 'n play. Well, taking that thing apart was probably one of the most difficult things I had to do. The little buttons on the side were not cooperating so it was not collapsing. I managed one out of the four sides! And this took at least a half hour before I gave up. Once Brandon woke up, he managed to get 2 of the four sides undone, and after pulling in the middle (to collapse the unit completely) was he able to get the 4th side undone. At least we managed to get the room emptied! 

Sunday (we went to Tucson Meet Yourself Saturday night, which was interesting), I vacuumed, swept and mopped the floor. Their was Hera hair bunnies hidden by items and cardboard from her scratching post, and the floor was so dirty! After the time cleaning that floor, I have decided that the person who invented Saltillo Tile should have the worst possible things done to him, such as what they used to do in England to those who committed treason against the crown. Something drastic that would create the use of Saltillo Tile not to make property value go up, but go down as it should. As is evident, I despise Saltillo Tile! It took a few hours just to finish mopping because of the dirt, dust and whatever else was on those tiles. Once the tiles got wet, the cracks, scrapes and who knows what else show through so you cannot tell what was cleaned and what was still dirty! We still haven't sealed the floor because of some black marks on a few of the tiles. Brandon wants to use bleach and elbow grease to get those markings off, but I think they are there for good! I don't think we will succeed in getting them off! 

I cannot wait to have those tiles sealed! I wont participate in that though! We can get the crib set up and the dresser/changer moved in! With those two in the room, I can start organizing clothes (sort of) and place the diapers in a usable spot with larger sizes in the closet. I am getting excited!

Now for the Eggs... I attempted to make over easy, which then turned to sunny side up because my pans are horrific. The eggs stick like crazy to the pans, no way to flip them over. I had those on top of a pancake today. (my day to eat great meals and reach all items that need to be consumed within that day). Either I have forgotten to make pancakes, or I followed the directions wrong. The batter was too thick and not cooking through until the outsides were burned (no matter the heat level on the burner). Eggs are a pain in the rear to cook. I can scramble and hard boil and that is about it, but one scrambled egg sandwich every day is a little much. At least we still have biscuits, Brandon's nifty little cast iron pan and breakfast sausages. I can try my own breakfast sandwich tomorrow and hopefully that works out well...