Monday, October 25, 2010

Brandon's 27!

Happy Birthday to Brandon. As of yesterday he is now 27!
I hope that he enjoyed his day because it was busy! We woke up late and had to hurry to do a load of laundry and shower before heading over to Beth's son Thomas' birthday party. Spent a few hours there then came home to clean up a little. Brandon wanted to make ribs for his birthday. Had family over and then ate S'mores!

I didn't take any pictures of the day.   But it was busy! We were up late the night before, though I do not remember why. So we woke up about an hour late and still needed to do laundry. So after stopping by Toys 'R' Us (they had a sale on star wars toys) and getting Thomas his gift, we were about a half hour late to the birthday party.

I need to start taking notes from Beth's birthday party's. They turn out so well! This year she had shirts and these paints (spray bottles, pens, etc.) so the kids could make their own superhero shirt. Of course, the adults partake of the fun as well! Brandon and I made one with a mommy fish and a baby fish using this funky tribal design (not meant as a fish). He didn't want to make one for himself. But it turned out pretty well!

We had to leave there to come home to put the ribs in the oven. Brandon was stressing out a little bit that they would not be ready in time for family coming over. But we also needed to clean up a little too (the house was a bit of a mess). So while Brandon was doing what he wanted with the ribs, I cleaned. He does such a good job with the ribs! Grilled on the BBQ after a few hours in the oven, Yum! And we got to share the rib yumminess with Brandon's parents, Alan, Jacqueline and the kids!   It is always nice to spend time with family!

Of course, after the ribs we had our fire-pit outside going with the pruned off branches and roasted marshmallows that Brandon's mom and dad brought over. Mmm, can't have marshmallows without chocolate and graham crackers (though I know some would disagree). It was pretty entertaining seeing Brooke with a partially roasted marshmallow! She had managed to get some on her cheeks with sticky fingers! 

Brandon seemed to enjoy his birthday (he said he did). We sat outside and watched the dieing fire after everyone had left, just soaking up the warmth of the fire and coolness of the air. I am just glad he enjoyed his birthday!