Monday, March 21, 2011

2 Year Anniversary - F-or-F

It really hasn't been that long. Not in comparison to others (like our grandparents), or in the grand scheme of things, 2 years is nothing! But still, it has been two years! We talk about it and it feels that is has been much longer. Not as a bad thing, but that we feel comfortable together. Russel tells Brandon to never tell a woman it feels it has been forever. But I guess some people can take it the wrong way, but to us, it is like we've known each other for longer, that we are comfortable together, and can keep going. And that is a good thing. So the 17th, St Patrick's Day, it was 2 years from the date we were married and 4 years from the date we met face to face...

Brandon had a surprise for me Thursday morning. To me, I thought we were just going out for dinner, and my mom was going to watch Nikolai. Crazy, only 2 years married and already we have a 3 month old! Anyway.. I was frustrated Wednesday night because I didn't get any cleaning done; the house was a disaster, dirty clothes were all over the place, dirty dishes littered the counter, the trash can was over-flowing. I don't like having an extremely messy house. But it is amazing the lack of stuff that you get done when trying to go through photos and play with the baby. (we had cousins visit on Tuesday and I was going through deciding what photos to post on facebook). Brandon kept telling me not to worry about it.

Well, I was thinking that he would take the trash out that morning before going to work. Yeah, I had time Thursday to do everything else (not a whole lot), but I didn't really want to. Nope, Brandon had taken Thursday and Friday off from work to spent time with Nikolai and I!

Well, I did not discover this an easy way. Brandon had gotten up that morning like he was going to work so I did not suspect anything. He left and bought breakfast at Jerry Bob's so not to wake me up banging around in the kitchen, and bought flowers and a card. Nikolai woke me up around his normal wake up time at about 7 am, I took my quick bathroom trip before changing his diaper and feeding him. While I was changing his diaper, Brandon started opening the door. My first thought was that Hera (our cat) learned how to open doors. Then I thought, "Crap! Someone is in the house" not realizing it was Brandon.

I pushed the door shut and watched the handle turn. As I grabbed the handle to keep out the intruder I remember thinking that if I could get it locked fast enough, the shotgun or rifle was in the closet. That might buy me enough time to get to Brandon's dresser and grab his 9mm to unlock the safety before the intruder got into the room. If that didn't buy me enough time, the shotgun would either scare the person enough, or it was long enough I could hit 'em with it. I was terrified!

Then I heard my name (apparently Brandon's second time saying it). I thought it was Allen maybe, like something was wrong with the house, but Brandon said "it's me" and I realized who and what was going on. Brandon had the breakfast all on a tray for me, hoping I was still in bed. I cannot begin to say how relieved I was that it was Brandon at the door. Only a few seconds, or a minute had passed and I was ready to fight like crazy. I gave Brandon a huge hug (I didn't want to let go), and tried to keep the tears at bay (the breakfast was so nice, I didn't want him to see how truly scared I was!). I felt so bad, but Brandon was happy that I wouldn't just try to hide, that I would actually put up a fight. I was shaking so bad!

Brandon's plan was to surprise me and boy did he ever! I don't think I have ever been so scared. And it is amazing the thought process of a moment like that. It was not actual thinking like words. It was pictures that flashed through my mind of where the guns were, all while watching the handle turn and and me grabbing it. I remember seeing the lock, and that triggering my response of what I could do to stall enough time to get to the weapons. It was crazy. I think the shaking was adrenaline.

Brandon said that in his Carry Concealed Weapons class they say to place the gun a distance from a place (like the bed) so you have to go through motions to get it out and ready. It takes the brain a few moments to process the situation. Flight or Fight response is definitely a crazy response! It took Brandon two times of saying my name to bring me out of my fight response. Wow, two times! That is just crazy! Even now, with writing this, I am shaking! Not to mention how fast your brain can think of what to do to try and save itself is crazy to. I had it all planned out in a few seconds before Brandon even said my name!  I just have no other words other than wow and crazy!

Once the adrenaline and everything wore off, I ate my yummy breakfast. Brandon wound up napping with Nikolai as I cleaned the house. Now the bedding for the crib is cleaned, towels were cleaned, dishes run through the washer, counter and stove wiped down. The house looks so much better (though still a little messy).

We went to Michelangelo's for dinner. So much better than Olive Garden! I had a Republic of Tea beverage and wow! So good! I have found my new favorite tea's. It has been Tazo, but that has changed! Friday we went up the mountain, but we did that too late, we didn't get to spend time, or take any pictures... It was an eventful anniversary because of the morning. And now we have a story for later!

Friday night, we discovered Nikolai is better at holding his head up on softer surfaces than a table. We had him on these pillow things at Larry and Sheri's and he did great. So I have to find a different place to do our tummy time. I just don't want to go onto the floor because of 1: cat hair and 2: no carpet. hmm... But at least we discovered he can do it! :)  Sorry the picture isn't that great. Taken with my phone in dim lighting...