Friday, March 4, 2011

Discipline Tool Kit: Strategies For Every Age

I was reading through some of these and just found them interesting. Not to mention I want to be able to read through again later once I have forgotten some of them. I hope having the suggestions handy may be helpful for later, but who knows?

I was at the school yesterday and a mom came in to help during the morning routine. Well, she has a little boy (adorable with curly hair) and he kept saying no to everything she said. It seems to make perfect sense to actually listen to the toddler, when they say no rather than just going about it anyway. But I can say at the preschool and church nursery I never actually listened to their "no's". Now what if their suggestion doesn't work? You don't want to have a brat...

Another point I found interesting was to copy teachers! Use reward systems, positive reinforcement. The suggestion offered by the website is a specific reward system I have seen used specifically for problem children. Often called 'behavior contracts/plans' or something like that, where the students have to earn smiley faces for certain periods of time and then get a reward once they have earned all or a certain number of smiley faces. I have also seen that with each misbehavior a reward item gets taken out of the jar. I thought, while I was in school, that I was thankful to be taking the classes I was. I was thinking that they would not only help me with the kids in the classroom, but with my kids later too!

Wow, even the grade school-er tips are pretty interesting. It reminded me of an article I read in a magazine at the doctors office when I was waiting for Nikolai's circumcision. The mom and her family were going on a trip to Hawaii, and knowing there was going to be melt down moments, she made cards. Like passes for being able to throw a tantrum. That was the only way they were allowed to through fits, if they handed over their card. Instead it turned into a game and the family had fun, not even using all their cards (they had, like, 3 per person for the whole trip). It is amazing the strategies we come up with and how well they work at the times that we use them. And it's amazing what seems to work is always so simple, it doesn't need to be complex to have a great success rate!

So anyway, I thought I would share this with you...