Monday, March 28, 2011

"Changing Nikolai's Diaper"

Nikolai has started to wiggle almost it seems uncontrollably once I set him down on the changer. So, I have created a song that seems to help him wiggle not so much on the changer. I know it's a little gross, but that is how these Mommy things go sometimes. And whatever works, use it! ...

to following the leader (peter pan)

Changing Nikolai's Diaper

"We're changing Nikolai's diaper,
his diaper, his diaper.
We're changing Nikolai's diaper,
Because it's full of poopies*.

He needs a new one,
to fill it up with pee.
He needs a new one,
to fill it up with poopies.
He needs a new one,
so he can fill it up.
And we can play this game all over again."

Repeat as needed

* exchange with pee depending on status of full diaper