Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diapers, the Rashes and the Magician

Poor little Nikolai and his little tushy! He just cannot get a break! My Uncle was in town a couple of weeks ago and that, I think, is the worst his diaper rash has been. At least his reaction to diaper rashes has drawn me to that conclusion...

And his faces when he is busy doing his business! (he is going to hate me for this later...)

I guess I had not let his little bum dry completely before re-diapering him after his bath before heading to my dad's parents house to have dinner. Normally I wait and test his bum with my hand before placing another diaper on him. I don't remember if I had or not but during our visit, his little tushy was stark red and he screamed if the wipe or anything touched the redness. Brandon and I felt so bad! So of course, we let his little bottom dry, then lathered on the diaper rash ointment.

That Thursday (the following day) was the day that I worked at the Primary School in Sahuarita Unified School District, and I was going to say poor Dad, but the rash was pretty much cleared up after one night. So we took our preventative measures and the following Friday (this past one), another stark red tush.

Using the rash ointment, it was cleared up in about a day. So now we are trying baby powder. I got an email from on preventative measures for rashes, and we do all of them! Diaper Rash Tips is full of the stuff we already do, and I feel kinda at a loss. So far though, letting his little bum dry (of course) then powdering it with the baby powder seems to be helping. Since Friday, no rash...

And after this morning, I have decided that Nikolai is a Poopy Diaper Magician. This is not because poopies magically appear or disappear. It would be nice if they magically disappeared, and them appearing is evident by his grunting. No, he is a poopy magician because he managed to get enough to leak out of his diaper and not get any on his onesie and get it on the sleep & play he was wearing over it. By placement of the poopies on the sleep & play, he should have gotten it on his onesie also, but magically he did not. I am not sure how, but it was pretty entertaining partly because of his grunts, and partly because of his magic.

Besides that, I want to say that I just love the sounds he makes when cooing away! It is just too cute!