Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

First off, I hope that everyone had a good 4th of July! Ours was pretty eventful and I enjoyed it. We stayed busy almost the whole weekend!  Stuff every night, but at least we were able to nap during the day!

Friday night was dinner and a movie night at Larry and Shari's, just like most Friday nights. Wednesday was Shari's birthday so Carol and I worked together and got angel foodcake and vanilla ice cream for dessert (her favorites). I think I ate too many strawberries because my mouth was burning before we even got home! I sure hope that she enjoyed it!

Saturday we went to Babies R' Us with the intentions of purchasing a baby gate so that way we could keep Nikolai out of the office/storage/kitty room. I still have to go through that room. It is a mess and the litter box is in there. Since Nikolai is mobile, I think we are going to need to keep him out of there. We were also thinking of moving her food and water in there as well. Just easier that way. We did not get a baby gate. Instead we purchased a ton of clothes, some Oballs and outlet plugs. At least the outlet plugs we needed. So Babies R Us' was not an entirely wasted trip...

We had a BBQ that night at Mike and Becka's house. It was good to see them and I am glad they got to see Nikolai! The last time they saw him, we were still in the hospital! Nikolai took to Becka right away! And, I am excited, we are going back over there on Friday to get pictures taken! :) So excited!

Sunday I napped. Brandon watched Nikolai for me and I am so grateful for that. I needed it! But, Sunday night we went to the park out by Lawrence Intermediate and watched the fireworks that Casino Del Sol set off. Nikolai's first time watching fireworks and I think he enjoyed it. He was not as intrigued as I was hoping he would be, but maybe that was because they were too far away? I have no idea. But, I was excited to see them. I even video recorded the finale! 

4th of July we went to the car show at Brandon's parent's church. It was neat seeing all the classic cars. We got to vote on which one we liked the best. I have no idea about cars, so I just picked which one I liked best. Well, it was more second best because I could see myself riding in that one. It was an old Chevy Corvette. If they had a camaro, I would have voted that one, but they didn't. the car got 3rd place. It was nice seeing Jacqueline and the kids too. Isaac performed on stage with his fiddle! ...and... We even got a zucchini, cucumber, preserves and applesauce (both homemade!) I am so excited to eat it! :)

After spending time with Family, we came home so Nikolai could nap before going over to Troy and Victoria's. I got two rooms mopped! That was good because I had Brenda over Tuesday! The house was so gross because of the crazy storm that hit that night, the humidity makes the swam cooler not work so well. At Troy and Victoria's we had grilled hotdogs, fruit, potatoes, corn on the cob... We also went swimming! It was so much fun swimming with Nikolai, he is so funny in the water. And, he started slashing! We tried so hard in California to get him to splash in my aunt and uncle's pool, and he finally did it!

I am glad we watched the fireworks on Sunday night because Nikolai slept through half the fireworks on Monday! Of course once he woke up, he was more interested in all the people at the 4th of July celebration. Troy and Victoria had bought some sparklers and such. After the fireworks, we lit the sparklers and those were what Nikolai was into. He hardly blinked when they were burning, just focused on them intently. It was funny...

We were out so late that night. Came home and went to sleep almost right away. Poor Brandon had to be to work Tuesday morning. Brenda and Aurora came over and spent some time with Nikolai and I Tuesday. It was nice having some girl time in! And Aurora is getting so big! She is such a cutie! Nikolai kept trying to grab her. I felt kinda bad for little Aurora, Nikolai can grab! Too bad he isn't older and can understand the meaning of gentle hands. Maybe if we keep working on it almost everyday with the kitty, he will eventually get it.

Power went out during the afternoon storm, and when it came back on I was reminded why I don't bother mopping and sweeping the floor. Once the cooler came on it blew powder from the ducting. Calcium deposits, rust particles and goodness knows what else. And Nikolai has been in a mood. No idea why, just that he was in a funky mood. He went to bed nearly at 11pm tonight too. I am exhausted, and keeping up with his was so difficult. I hope that he gets a decent amount of sleep and is in a better mood. He napped a little over and hour around 7-9 and I think maybe I should have tried keeping him up a while longer... oh well, that is why I have coffee...

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