Friday, July 1, 2011

Meet Savanna...

Nikolai's 2nd cousin just had a baby! I think that is what she would be. Brandon's cousin's daughter had a baby two days ago (6-29-2011) at 9:30pm 6lbs 5.5oz and 19 1/2 inches long! 2 hours of pushing! Poor thing! And the baby is adorable!

I was a lucky duck yesterday! I got to go see Yvette, Brian, Ellie and Micah for lunch! Then, Brandon and I went to go see Kaleigh, Troy and the new Savanna after dinner! I was thinking about it on the way home. In our family(Brandon's side) this year we have Micah, Lizzy, and Savanna already born and soon Maddox and another baby Hammonds. This year has blessed us with so many beautiful babies, and that is not to mention our friends who have had babies! I was just lucky enough to see two in one day! :)

I love little babies! They are so precious! But, they grow up so fast!

They looks so proud! Such a beautiful family!

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