Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shopping for Groceries

Wednesday, my day for grocery shopping. For one thing, it is the best day for ad matching at Wal-Mart (el super and food city usually have some pretty good Wednesday only sales on produce), and no one is usually at the super market on that day. That makes for fast lines because no one is in them, and no one gets behind you. So it is ok to take your time at the register and load up the belt with all the yummy goodies!

Well, it would have been a good time to go shopping. I had a headache that morning and didn't get up and ready to leave until around 11:30. Nikolai had napped most of the morning too and was not in the best of moods, which probably had contributed to my headache. That and I had no coffee creamer to satisfy my need for morning caffeine! I am addicted, and that is a bummer!

I got Nikolai into his carseat wonderfully because he was sleeping. Made it down to the gas station and he started screaming. That made for some stressful filling up of the tank. And when it was time to get my receipt, the silly machine said to go inside to 'see cashier'. Well, with a crying baby, forget that!

So I decided to just head home. But by the time I got the crossroads, he had calmed down. So I figured why not head to the store? I got the parking lot of the Neighborhood Market, get Nikolai out of the car and guess what? He starts screaming again. I check his diaper and go the few steps back to my car to grab the diaper bag. We get inside, head to the restroom, and I proceed to take him out of his carseat. He was happy as a clam the moment he was out of his carseat, though he did not want his diaper changed.

When I got out of the bathroom, and put the carseat back into the shopping cart, I attempted to strap Nikolai down. Well, if I shouldn't have taken him out in the first place! I decided to give it a try, just letting him sit in the seat part of the shopping cart. What do you know? He was all excited and proud of himself to be able to see other people and what mommy was doing! There was no way I was going to be able to get the food to fit in the cart with the diaper bag and the carseat. So, another trip Back to the car... But he was happy the rest of the time.

Guess now I should invest in one of those shopping cart seat cover things. If not to protect him from gumming the handle, to protect him from the germs that can spread like wildfire. I hate using disinfectant wipes, didn't have em when I was little, don't need them now. A cloth barrier should be plenty fine. Besides, I can wash it!

This was Nikolai's first time sitting in the shopping cart like a big boy! Glad I brought his little carseat buddy with him though. I think that helped. hmm Maybe I can make a seat cover, with pockets for ads, coupons, water bottle, and maybe a sippy-cup for Nikolai. hmm....

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