Monday, July 25, 2011

This Weekend: A Catch-Up

I am so exhausted trying to keep up with Nikolai! He is non-stop go, go, go! The boy is probably going to be walking soon, according to people that see where he is right now in terms of development. But, he is so much fun to play with, to hear him laugh, and to take into the pool to swim! (we did a lot of that this weekend!)

Nikolai pulls himself up on anything that he can pull himself onto. This means: chairs, drawers, bookcases, coffee table, dishwasher door/basket, crib, rocker, his swing, the jumparoo, boxes, his sitting toy, the sofa... the list goes on and on. It started the end of last week, once he pulled himslef up, he would let go! I would say that terrified me! He thought it was the coolest thing ever, and oh-so funny. He does not have to balance to maintain standing without holding on to something, but I guess it is good practice. He also started 'cruising'. He started that with the bottom rack in the dishwasher. Partly because his weight would roll it right back into the machine and in order for him to keep up with it, he had to walk with it. Well, he thought that was great fun, and he started cruising with the coffee table!

He crawls. and he does it quickly. He will army crawl, traditional crawl, and now has started this thing where he does it on one knee, one foot and his hands. He wants to walk so badly! He is the cutest thing when doing it though. Even if I have to watch him everywhere he goes!

He also loves to swim! He loves to kick in the water, splash, go underwater, and now he is working on blowing bubbles. We started putting him under water when we were in California, an with the swimming we have done down here, he will purposefully put his head into the water! It is cute. So this weekend I started blowing bubbles into the water, and Saturday, he copied me! It was so cute, I was so proud of him, and we figure, once he starts walking, he will also be swimming!

Of course, his activeness just makes me one tired Momma! But I am having so much fun with it!

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