Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photo Editing Crazyness!

I downloaded a trial of Adobe Lightroom 3 about a year ago and I will say that I kinda GREATLY SUPERLY miss it! I might buy it, maybe, using a teacher discount. maybe...

I have been using Photoscape. Not even remotely close to Lightroom 3! The moment I ran out of the trial time, I was sad. Hugely sad. It cannot compare.

Then I finally brought myself to download Gimp. I have heard good things about gimp. Don't know why I didn't download it sooner. It is sort of like photoshop (what I used to use before my old computer pooped out on me). I have to say, I like it much better than photoscape. It can't do some of the things that photoscape can do, but I like the way I can edit photos so much more! Check out this crazyness!


I know it is kinda hard to see the difference here, but I think I prefer Gimp way more over PhotoScape! The colors on the carrier and Nikolai's shirt pop more. I may have played with the red and yellow a little too much and over done it a timy bit, but I am no professional and nor do I claim to be. But even so, it is nice to be able to take a picture and make it look all the better as in this case. The original seems so gray almost, and washed out. I used mostly the auto settings on PhotoScape because I have not figured out manual, and manual on Gimp. But, I am excited to having something that works a little closer to Lightroom 3! :)