Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring! Not like it makes too much of a difference out here in the hot, 2 season (summer and spring) desert! But after the all day rain (with some hail) of yesterday and the some day rain of Sunday, I think it adds to the spring premier all the more! The weather is this perfect cool. It's not too hot, not too cold with a slight breeze to cool of the sun-kissed skin. Perfect! And not to mention the slight cloud coverage is beautiful too! The perfect day to grab the camera and head out for a Signs of Spring type walk! :)

Ok. So Nikolai wasn't too interested in the 'Signs of Spring' theme I added to our time outside. Well, not quite so much anyway. I wish I could have captured the quails running around the land. That would have been awesome, but those little buggers are just too fast! They were making their funny little call, which is way too fun to mimic! And, Nikolai finds it hilarious trying to copy me mimicking the quails. Great fun! So we did find some weeds flowers. Above picture is what I took.

Nikolai stopped to pick up some rocks (uh-oh, a rock picker-up-er). And I looked off to this plant that I thought was dead. Like most of the other plants in our yard seem to look dead (hurrah desert). And I saw some tiny branches shooting of the dead looking ones. So I guess it is not dead after all. Too bad the leaves weren't brand new, that would have been great. But, Nikolai didn't seem too interested in the tree, just those silly rocks.

We found some buds that had not opened yet surrounding one that had. I really like this picture. I love the mountain big rocky hill in the background. The aperture helps to blur out the telephone poles and a house that is in the view at the base. Nikolai seemed interested in this flower. And there were so many birds chirping. I love his face when he is listening and watching. A few birds flew across the sky (low enough to see them) and Nikolai loved that. He is such an outdoorsy little boy!

I miss having time with my little boy. Doing stuff like we did today was fun. Here are some Nikolai pictures focused and enjoying the outdoors. :)

Gotta share the rock love! :)

Now, how do I get past these branches again?
So excited to be outside!

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