Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Second Quilt Plan...

I have had this thing colored on graph paper in the zip-lock baggie with some of my fabrics.  Since I have gone through all those that I got and attempted organizing (still brainstorming that one), I had pulled this paper out. For kicks, I pulled up paint and attempted duplicating it. It was so much fun! I am so excited to maybe actually getting started sewing this thing together. It should be pretty easy (it is fairly simple!)

I just want to share it! I wont start it yet, but thought how fun! Maybe if I post it, it will make it more real. I am not so sure. But, no. I wont start it yet. I still have Nikolai's quilt that needs to be quilted. I have started these other projects because I just got my darning foot and have NEVER free motion quilted before only free motion quilted ONCE (this is the picture). I am so excited about it! So, the things to practice... I have the band shirt quilt to be finished, the place mats I have so hurriedly started (hey, pieces are cut), and the BOM that I work on every other Sunday.

Brandon says I have too many projects. This isn't a project yet. It is a project waiting to be started. But, soon. After everything else. But, soon. (at least that is what I keep telling myself).

So... here is my planned project. I like it and am excited when I finish all the block samplers I have going on right now to actually be sewing a purposeful patterned piece! :) I just hope you think it is as cool as I do! :)

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