Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictured Animals

Nikolai seems to really love animals! He can call several by name, and make sounds for them. I got him several little toy ones from Target and Michael's and they seem to be his favorite toys (that and his cars!)

Since I just found out that I may have to go into work THIS Thursday instead of NEXT Thursday, I am scrounging to complete crafts that I have been meaning to do but have been nesting on my craft table instead.

I had started making animals on cards for a picture frame that my sister gave me a while back (I guess she didn't want it anymore). I was using the cricut and the Create a Critter cartridge. I love that cartridge! So fun!

I finally finished it and hung it up today! When we go into his room, he points to it and says either 'bear' or 'owl'. It is so funny. I am so glad that he likes it!

I am just glad that it is done! It is cute! Maybe it will help him learn words too? Who knows, but they are there! :)