Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dresden Fan Coaster

I found this awesome tutorial from Miss Print, and it is so cute! It's a Quilt as you go Hexie Coaster! I have the perfect fabric for it and I would love to have one on my desk at work. But, while I was getting ready, I figured I might try a dresden fan instead! I found some super cute fabric for a fan. Then I thought, Hey it works to have 2! I can trade them out for washings! :)

I was completely confused with cutting the fabric. I knew I wanted about a 5 inch piece for the coaster, but forgot to add the seam allowance when cutting and ended up having to trim it down. But hey, it was a fun learning experience!

Laying out the blades
Instead of sewing the blades together first, I sewed them onto each other through the whole thing. Line the blades up, right sides together were you want them to go. When you finish the seam, press the blade out. I like the effect. It was kind of like rays to a sun. If I were to do this again, I would have taken those seam lines all the way from end to end. Insstead I took them from the bottom of the blade up, and it just looks funny on the back, but looks cool on the front!

First seam line
I made the circle for the center and trimmed off the extra then bound the piece. It went together so fast! I finished in a matter of hours (only because I had to stop to fix dinner, get Nikolai ready for bed and into bed, then gather stuff for work). So it didn't really take that long...

I am still getting used to binding. This, so far, is the best that I have done. I should have used a better matching thread, but hey, it's ok. And it looks cute...

It looks even better with my water cup on my desk at work!

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