Monday, July 2, 2012

Striker Spacer (or) Door Jammer

Ok. So this is for the striker plate on a door. Well, more for the door and goes around the knobs to lighten the sound between the door and the striker plate. I have seen people make them from cloth, and I have seen crocheted ones that tie around the knobs to prevent kids from slamming doors. We need it for the morning/night when our door is closed.

The cat, during the night and in the morning, will meow and push on our bedroom door. The latch does not sit solidly in the frame/stricker plate and will move. In the process of moving, it makes a loud banging noise and it always scares me that it will wake up Nikolai. So to prevent some of the noise I had started using a scarf that was right by the door. Then we started using an old sock. The sock worked better, but it was a hastle to make sure that it was in the right spot to be able to even shut the door.

So I decided to crochet one.

It was simple. using 6.5mm hook because it was already out for the totes. I will share, but it is kinda boring, not too decorative. But it is pretty much just solely functional...

ch 35. hdc 2nd ch from hook. continue to end. turn
ch2 hdc to end. turn repeat 1 more row. turn
ch2 hdc in 2 st. chain 9. sl st 9st over. hdc next 11 (i'm pretty sure) st. ch9 sl st 9st over, hdc last 2
ch2 hdc to end turn repeat 2 more rows. tie off, weave in ends.

pretty easy. I almost wish I doubled the yarn to thinken it, but the door probably wouldn't have closed then. It does it's job and is so much easier than a sock!



  1. You could probably make a thicker one to prevent little fingers from being closed in the door? Or big fingers lol.

    1. That's a good idea! I have no idea what happened with this one since the move, but I might make a couple for the kids doors... Fingers, eh... They need to learn to keep them out of the way. It's the door slamming and noise that gets me!


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