Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Potty Training...



Nikolai woke up with a dry diaper. I was surprised because he had quite a bit to drink on Sunday. At least Sunday evening. And so I figured that it would be a great time to try setting him on his potty seat. We have one of those seats that sits on top of the regular potty. Well, he peed a couple drops. So, I decided to let him roam diaper free. Brave? We will see...

I honestly had no idea on how to even begin the steps of potty training Nikolai. Especially since he is a boy, and I am not... But, he does not have the motor skills, let alone the understanding of how it all works, to be able to do the stand up boy thing...

I have talked to people who say that letting them be diaper free has worked the best for them. Using training pants, pull-ups, does not because they are too much like a diaper and feel too much like a diaper. That has got to be confusing for a kid, right? Told to not go to the bathroom anywhere but the toilet and yet you keep sticking them in these diaper like things?

Well it was back in June, he had this awful diaper rash and so I let him roam diaper free then. I don't even know how many messes I had to clean up. He was not a happy camper when he peed. I didn't even think to start at that time. We didn't have a seat for the toilet or anything at the time, so just kinda talked about it and that was it.

Yesterday, I almost wonder if that caused a setback because Nikolai didn't pee or anything until before bed. I had given up. I was putting him on the toilet every hour and a half with no luck. At least I didn't have any messes to clean up yesterday. But I was worried about him not having gone to the bathroom at all. And by the time we were done with the day, he did not want anything to do with being on the potty. Well, Brandon gave one last try on the potty and he went pee! I was so happy, Brandon was so happy and I think Nikolai was just a little confused with the whole thing at first to really understand what was going on.

This morning Nikolai had one massively full diaper. Pee, poop... everything. At least I knew everything was still working. We sat on the potty, but nothing. We continued our day at home, except I was not putting him on the potty ever 1 - 1.5 hours. I just waited for signs. Then, during lunch, he started dancing. I took him to the potty and placed him on it, then gave him a glass of warm water (plastic) and he stuck his little hands in it... LOL... After a few minutes, he peed! Now, this has been it all day. I stuck him in a diaper for nap time and he peed a little. Nothing has happened since. But hey, day two and he has used the toilet twice. I don't think that is too bad for a 19 month-old. Still no messes either! That is a big surprise for me though! I just hope he isn't holding it in because he is scared.

I wish I could share pictures, but he really is stark naked! Before we decided to take off the shirt I wanted some pictures, this is a big thing even if Nikolai doesn't realize it yet... :)

I will get a few pictures of him on the potty. Need some for documenting this milestone in the baby book. :) And it will be something to use later when he is old enough to get girlfriends... I'm mean, I know. :)

Here are some website that I have read about potty training:

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