Monday, July 2, 2012

A Type of Tote

Well, I got these two casserole carriers from my Grandma a little while back and they are so handy for carting casseroles to potlucks and such. I had been thinking of seeing if I can duplicate them (I don't think I am that great at crocheting). My mom wanted some for herself so I finally took my crochet hook clutch off the bookcase, picked out my largest hook that was not already wrapped up in another project (a blanket that is taking me 7+ some odd years and not near done), and we picked out what yarn colors she would like me to use from my basket. I like the color combos (don't they look fun?) and since making these, I can think of so many other uses for them!
They aren't super large but they would make great totes for shopping trips to the grocery store, and are just cute bags. Not to mention a cute housewarming gift with a casserole dish and serving spoon included? Isn't that  cute idea? I don't really use purses. I usually throw my wallet into the diaper bag. But sometimes it is just nice to have a bag for me and I usually use canvas bags (the kinds with iron on appliques and such). I have this one bag the kids from student teaching made for me by placing their painted hand prints on it and I love that one! They seem so much more personal to me... anywho...
I figured that I could share what I did to make this bag with you. Now, I did not count stitches because I had a finished product in front of me already (thanks Grandma!). I figured that as long as I started it off right I wouldn't have to worry. After all, you start at the bottom and work in the round. If you don't miss stitches you should be fine, right? I think I just ended up lucky!
I joined the rows. for the 'walls' of the bags I joined, chained, then turned. Otherwise the pattern just seemed to spin and this just worked for me. I used a 6.5mm hook. chains count as a stitch
for the larger one: (for the smaller one I only did the base to R5 skipped R6 and continued to R7)
I started by chaining 7 then joining to create the circle.
R1: ch 3, 14 dc in the round, join
R2: ch3, 2dc in each st. join
R3: ch3, dc in first stitch, 2dc in next, 1dc, 2dc, repeat until end. join
R4: ch3, 1dc in first two st, 2dc in next, repeat until end. join
R5: ch3, 1dc in first three st, 2dc in next, repeat until end join
R6: ch3, 1dc in first four st, 2dc in next, repeat until end. join.
R7: ch3, 1 hdc from first st, continue 1hdc in each st until end, join
R8: ch 3, 1dc in same st as chain. *skip 4st, 4dc in st cintinue from * until close to the end, 2dc in same st as ch. join.
R9-17. turn. ch3, 1dc in same st as ch. 4dc between the 4posts on the row before. it is still skipping 4st then 4dc but that is not how I thought it through when making this. join each row. it is essentially the same as R8.
Handles: sl st to the begninning of the next grouping of 4. ch3, 4dc in between the posts of the grouping below. 1dc in the hole that is formed. ch3 turn and do the same. I did this to make 17 rows. align where you wish and sl st the end of the strap to the bag. I then sl st to where I wanted to start my next handle and began the process again.
Tie: chain to desired length, weave through top row of bag.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love them and want to make more! But I have no need, I already have two!

  2. I love this idea! Hope you won't mind me linking up tomorrow at Tangled Happy. Wishing you a very happy Tuesday. :)

    1. Not at all! I am so glad that someone will get to enjoy something like this as much as I have! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your pattern, and hope you're enjoying your summer! ~tina

    1. You're welcome! I had fun with it! It's been a great summer and I am sad that it is ending soon! :(

      Hope you have enjoyed your sunner too!

  4. Oi!
    Muito linda e Ăștil a sua bolsa. Vou guardar nos meus arquivos para fazer uma para mim.
    Adoro quando compartilham ideias e receitas.


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