Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Family Potraits

I love my friends Becka and Mike. They are amazingly awesome people with some fantastic kiddos. I cannot believe how big their two little ones are (not so little any more!), one is now a teenager and the other has entered double digits! Oh my goodness! I wish we could see them more often! I cannot wait until the closing on this new house. A firepit in the back means marshmallows! :)

Becka and Mike also have a photography business, Fannon Photography. They took some lovely family photos of us at the Starr Pass Resort and they turned out just lovely! We picked out our favorites, framed them, and gave them to family for Christmas. :) I love family photos! :)


These were our favorites. There were so many cute ones, but these were the ones we liked the best with all of us in them.  And then... Drum roll please....

We found out on November 12, 2012. I had a stomach bug thing the week prior (fever and everything, it was horrible) and even little man caught it. But it didn't feel like it went away. Then Alan passed away the day before. I had looked at the calendar with everything going on and realized something wasn't right. At that point I was about 5 weeks. I've felt so nauseous. It has been horrible. For a while the only things I could eat was toast with Nutella (weird?) or plain chicken sandwiches. That is luckily starting to fade. But I still have an aweful hard time brushing my teeth! Just wanted to get that out. I still have Christmas pictures I need to unload from my camera. Boy was that fun!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

If I do not get on before then ... Have a Happy New Year!!

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  1. What a beautiful family! Your little boy is sooo cute, love the t-shirt. I follow your blog by email and enjoy it so much. Thanks for the time you spend on it, the inspiration, and the lovely "eye" candy.


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