Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Things are busy... Just an Update

I don't have anything for pictures on this post. Just trying to get things updated and out there for now. I feel like I haven't posted anything in forever, but it has only been a little longer than a week. Things have been a little hectic crazy, though it is not like we have been super busy or anything. It's just felt hectic crazy! I haven't done any crafting. :(
The school semester is drawing to a close and that means last minute meetings, fitting in observations, finishing up paper work, preparing for the mid-year assessment! Ach! Scary stuff! The only day I can have IEP meetings on are Tuesdays because the other days are designated for other types of meetings (I mean, how many can teachers have right? LOTS!). Though, there have been some exceptions to this. But, to make the busyness seem unending, I have had Tuesday meetings for nearly the last month! My last of the semester is to be this upcoming Tuesday. That is so many long days for me. I have been exhausted too!
Which leads me to Nikolai. That boy is a handful and a half. He is entering the terrible two's for sure! It seems one minute he is happy as pie and the next he is throwing some fit about something. It is exhausting! I feel I can't keep up with it, and taking a nap seems almost impossible. Dishes haven't been getting done, laundry has been sitting in the hamper for ever. I am just trying to stay awake when Nikolai is up, and I sleep any chance I can!
Sleep seems to be something I cannot get enough of! I nap when Nikolai naps. I go to bed when he goes to bed. I wake up last minute in the morning. Coffee is not helping. Grr, I miss my coffee helping. To add too it, it doesn't even taste good. But perhaps that is the York creamer? I am thinking of picking up some Chocolate Caramel by International Delight, my default creamer. I haven't had it in a while, and it sounds so good right now.
Food has been a labor to cook. I think is because the dishes are rarely clean, and I do not like cooking when the kitchen is full of dirty dishes. But these last few days, Nikolai has been eating non-stop! He must be preparing for a growth spurt. He really likes cashews! We were at Costco and he points and asks for them by name, specifically. Amazing that he even knew what they were! It is funny though. He will now eat whole sandwiches. We still haven't found a food that he does not yet like.
He has started drinking from cups really well. Not that he has started drinking from cups, but that he has been doing so, well. I prefers it. I think it is because he watches us use cups and he wants to be like us. That goes for helping too. He loves to help. He will throw a fit if he doesn't get to help. It is a little frustrating, but I try to have him help as much as I can. Foster that now, right?
I can't even begin to say how much he is talking. Everything is amazing. He also pretend plays extremely well. The other day he came up to me and said, "I flying" then proceeded to run around with his arms out like an airplane. Then he comes back up to me and says, "fly too, Mama!". He doesn't continue at that point unless I follow. It is cute, and he has so much fun. Though I can only do it for so long.
Now that I have maybe a little over an hour left of his nap time, I am going to use this remainder of it and take a nap myself.

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  1. Iam reading this with our almost 6 mth old grandson on my lap. He seldom sleeps more than 1 hour during the day, and usually, not at one time. Today he slept for 45min. I have a hard time getting things don. I was hoping to get 4 loads of laundry done. But no!


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