Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nikolai is 2!

Saturday, our little boy turned 2! Reminiscing about 2 years ago, how at this time we were still in the hospital thinking we may be able to get out of there by Christmas (which didn't happen) and how new and different things were going to be. We remembered Nikolai coming into the world, and had people over to celebrate his birthday in the comfort of our own home (which I prefered much better than last year's cold wetness at the park!

... I also totally loved our cake again this year! Having the cricut is awesome! :)
I am so glad for all the people that came and helped us celebrate! After the tally from the gift list we had about 36 people (including friend's babies), though not including Brandon, myself and Nikolai. With us, that makes 39 people and then I realized we forgot my niece, Dylan. She stopped by for a good 10 minutes before taking off for California to spend Christmas with her Dad. That put us at 40 people over at our house. Amazing! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to see all the names and think of all the people that came and helped us celebrate. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many great people! :)
Nikolai handled the even like a champ. The boy is not shy at all, and he totally enjoyed having all those people there. I think I rarely got to see my little boy the entire time because he was too busy socializing! I have a very social little boy!
He actually blew out his candle this time and ate the cake! Well, he took a couple bites before running off to play. But that is better than him even refusing to touch the cake like last year! He didn't spit on the cake as far as we could tell. His reaction to the happy birthday song was so cute. Everyone was singing and he grew shy all of a sudden and slightly burried into Brandon's side. It was pretty nifty to see the realization that everyone was singing happy birthday to him. Despite his social behavior, he is (and I hope stays) that type of humble. Enough to know that he is important, but not so much he doesn't think he is worth anything.

I was a little concerned that there was not enough food. I swore that each time I counted the RSVPs I got 25ish. 40 is nowhere near 25. We got an eegee sub, a veggie tray, meat tray, fruit with dip. For drinks we had a stock pot full of warmed water on the stove for hot cocoa, apple cider and tea, we also had water, coke, eegee's and cranberry juice. All the food was gone except the fruit! We needed another sub!

I am gonna have to get cracken on the thank you cards since I am absolutely horrible at those! I think it being almost Christmas doesn't help but I know that is no excuse. It is hard too since it took us over a day to fully unwrap presents. Nikolai likes to play with every toy after opening them. I don't mind because I am the same way. And I would rather him appreciate the gift than seem or be greedy. But by the end, he was totally burned out. The last 2 gifts he had no interest in opening and we do not have time to open them tomorrow as we still need to wrap ALL the gifts for Christmas. I know, we are such slackers!
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!
and if I do not get one here to post before the new year...
Happy New Year!