Friday, December 28, 2012

Nikolai's Shirt

Only Expiring 2013Before I talk about Christmas, because it was crazy and we still aren't finished celebrating yet, I want to talk about Nikolai's shirt from the last post, Holiday Family Portraits. Yes, we still aren't finished celebrating yet. My niece was in California spending time with her Dad, step-mom, half-brothers and half-sister. So we were waiting to finish celebrating when she returned to Arizona. :)
Now, on to his shirt...
I loved this shirt! It turned out so cute. I am a little dissapointed to say that I did not use the right interfacing so the letters started to fall off as soon as we were done taking pictures. At least it lasted long enough to take the pictures! I didn't even think about the interfacing not being the right kind. I used the Heat-n-Bond for sewing applique and I needed the no-sew kind (I did not have enough time to sew the letters on). I think I may need to go back and either sew the letters on, make a new one, or just order another shirt. But, I still haven't decided on that yet. I may have gotten a little better at cutting fabric with the cricut, but not perfect.
It started out as me wanting to use fabric but waiting till the last minute to make the shirt. Brandon suggested that we just make a stencil and spray paint the lettering in. My thought was that the spray paint wouldn't last and I sure wanted Nikolai to be able to wear his shirt over and over again! After talking to Bonnie and discussing how hard it is to wash spray paint off of clothes I decided to go ahead with that idea...
This is what we got...
Not at all picture worthy. Especially if it was going to be used for announcement pictures. So the day of the pictures, I had to hurry and make the one out of fabric. I knew the interfacing wasn't going to be enough as I was cutting it with the cricut. I was just hoping it would last. We changed him into the shirt when we were ready for announcement pictures and then changed him out as soon as we lost some letters. But I still think it turned out cute... Perhaps I will make another one...
I want to talk about the different pregnancy announcement pictures too. I love the internet, and pinterest! But that is another post that I will have to write later.
Happy Friday!

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