Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Almost Here...

Christmas is almost here, and with that Nikolai's birthday! So it has been pretty crazy around here just trying to clean house before Saturday. Brandon is super stressed because he does not want to have the birthday part at the house. I don't feel like planning and paying to have it somewhere else. So here at the house we are currently in is where it will be, on Saturday. So soon...
I was hoping to have a lot done over this last weekend, but then I came down with a cold and was out all day this last Saturday in bed just trying to rest and get over it. I have found that when I get a cold, I need at least 3 days of rest to really kick it. 1 day is not sufficient, thus leaving me with a cold still today. Ugh.
At least I managed to clean the carpet (it was kinda gross). I had started a 'No Shoes' rule which lasted about a month when Brandon started walking to the sofa to remove his work boots. So much for that. The spot where he took his shoes off was one of the worst spots. In the new house I think I am gonna have a bench by the front door and have him take his shoes off there. Gotta try to keep the carpet as nice as possible...
School has been interesting. This week has pretty much been full of activities, parties, some tests. One of the things they did in 4th grade (that I actually got to participate in) was making a stained glass picture. I took a picture of one of the samples. I made one too, but that one got left in the classroom.
The teachers have a picture that they put Saran Wrap over. The kids color on the wrap using permanent markers. A paper plate is covered in aluminum foil. Then the Saran wrap is placed (marker side down) on the foil and taped on the back. Super cute!
Tomorrow is another eventful day. Then major prepping for Saturday on Friday. Oh, we had pictures taken too by my good friends Rebecka and Michael at Fannon Photography. I will be posting some of those later. :) Don't have time now as Nikolai has been crying in his bed for over 20 minutes (he really needs to nap but wont). I still have lots that I need to do... Haven't finished Christmas shopping either, Eek!! :)
6 days to Christmas!
3 days to Nikolai's Birthday!

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