Friday, March 11, 2011

Grocery Shopping Horror

Well, actual all out shopping. I've done quick runs to the store for one or two items with Nikolai, and without Nikolai. But never really with the intent of going shopping for the non-perishable stock up we do every now and then, at least not by myself anyway. It is too difficult to do that intensive shopping by myself with the little guy. His car-seat doesn't fit upfront, only in the main portion of the cart. So there is no room for food. Well today, I used my sling and carried him throughout the store. It reminds me of being pregnant and didn't like it, but at least I had access to the cart!

I love my Seven Everyday Sling. It's been great for around the house, and walking to Bonnie & Alan's. I had no idea what else to use it for until talking to Yvette about grocery shopping frustrations with the car-seat and she suggested to use that for shopping. I know other people have suggested it for that too, having used it themselves for that.  I guess because Brandon goes with me I don't think anything of it.

I have to say, I will be using it again for shopping, and I will be bringing Brandon with me. It is a little difficult getting the items out of the bottom of the cart to place at the register.

While we were at the store, people kept smiling at Nikolai, and I figured it was because he is a cute baby. Well, that was probably the initial reason for them smiling, he is a cute baby. But, as I was nearing the register, I actually looked  at him (the sling was blocking most of my view during the shopping) and there was a nice booger in his nose. One of the white stringy kind. So naturally, I start picking his nose.

Now, it's not like he can blow his nose or pick it himself. I was horrified to think that is why people were walking away laughing, scratch that, snickering! Poor little guy. And, because I didn't think about picking his nose in the register line, I got some 'how abhorrent!' stares! What was I supposed to do, leave it there? I am a mom now, and sadly that kind of icky stuff doesn't bother me so much now. Just wait a few more years for the ick-factor to kick in again.

New Mommy Realization
#16  Picking of the nose in public is no longer a social etiquette faux-pas, as long as it is your baby's nose.