Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4 Month Well Baby

I don't get what is with sucking his lower lip!
What is the point of a well baby visit? Immunizations... Weight & Height comparison to other babies his age...

So it starts, the competition of one needing to be just as good as the other. I don't care what is weight is as long as he is healthy, shouldn't the doctors do the same?

So Nikolai's head is now 41 centimeters. I don't know how that compares, but it is a nice size I think. He also has grown to 25 1/4 inches in length which is about average. He is a long little guy (I think). He weighs at 12 pounds 8 oz. According to the doctor he has dropped in percentile so we are going back in about 4 weeks to review weight. At least he is growing.

The doctor was impressed that he has rolled over both ways and can stand and sit with support. He is a "strong little guy" according to the doctor. He just likes to move, that is what I figure. Little fellow can't keep the calories because he just spends them the moment he gets them!

But No, the fact that he has passed his developmental milestones for 4 months has nothing to do with whether or not his weight is ok. He is at the 10th percentile, has dropped in percentiles, even though he is gaining it is something to be concerned about... I say, why? If he is hitting his milestones and is overall healthy, why?

What adds to the frustration is that they are comparing him to other babies that are solely formula fed. Those babies tend to weigh more. So where does he stand in comparison to solely breast-milk fed babies?  Maybe I should ask that, why don't they separate formula percentiles from breast-milk percentiles? ...

But, for now, I am gonna keep doing what I am doing. Perhaps maybe try to vamp it up somehow... But you can't feed a baby who is not hungry. I have tried that one already. Maybe if I eat more (who cares about my weight), drink tons more water (I should do that anyway), try oatmeal every morning (if my stomach can handle that one, it was an aversion during prego days), and maybe get some of that tea that they sell at babies-r-us and/or fry's.

I am not so much worried that Nikolai is not doing well, because the doctor even said he was impressed. It is not that I don't think he is heavy enough, because he even looks healthy. It is more that I am not doing a good enough job. Is it my body that isn't doing full out what it needs to or is it just that Nikolai's metabolism just blows through it all? I just don't want to have to feed him formula because I think he is just fine. So if I can get that little extra to vamp it up just enough. 

Ugh... It is just frustrating...