Monday, April 18, 2011

One Tiring Weekend

And poor Nikolai! He probably had more fun Saturday then Sunday seen as how Sunday we were at the hospital most of the day. At least Sunday he got to spend time with people. Poor thing spent most of his time in the carseat and stroller than anywhere else!

Saturday morning we woke Nikolai up around 4am to get him ready to head out the door for our trek up Mount Lemmon. We got up to Rose Canyon Lake around 6am and carted his stroller and all our fishing gear down to the deck.  We were on the deck until about 9 before moving to the other side of the lake. Nikolai did get to fish with his Daddy for a little bit that morning before changing location. he seemed pretty interested in the cast and reel...

I love the lake, and I really enjoy fishing. It was a little more difficult though with little man. Just trying to keep him occupied when he was awake, and trying to fish does not make for an extremely relaxing time. Not to mention it was COLD Saturday morning! Brandon forgot his jacket, and that made me feel bad. At least we had the necessary blankets and clothes to keep Nikolai warm! Feeding him up there that morning was actually quite nice because the cover up and his heat kept me warm! Once the sun came out though, it made for just perfect weather!

Travis caught the biggest fish, a 22" rainbow trout. Lucky him. If we had known our bait was bad before going up, we may have actually caught something rather than nothing! I almost caught one... Almost. I did loose a hook and spinner though. :( It was nice going up there. Russel's wife brought up KFC for lunch. Yum...

On our way back down, we had to stop because I guess there was an accident or something. The road was backed up and we were waiting for at least a half and hour before being able to make our way back down.

Sunday we spent most of our day at the hospital because my Grandma (Dad's mom) is in ICU. She went in on Friday and has had tests and stuff done. According to the doctor as of yesterday evening, she was doing much better. No word yet on how she is doing... Poor Nikolai had to stay in the waiting room, so my Dad watched him for a little while, Brandon did, and even his Great Grandpa got to see him.

At least now I was able to sleep because Nikolai slept 12 hours last night. That gave me a chance to sleep off the headache that started Saturday evening. Now that the weekend is over and we are all rested up I think I am going to have to double up on Tummy Time to make up for the carseat and stroller time.