Monday, April 25, 2011


Nikolai is now 4 months. He has rolled over both ways, is sitting up supported really well, and still loves standing! He grabs and pulls, especially hair, and seems to enjoy marking up glasses. He did that to Bekah the other day. Went for her glasses, then decided to stick his fingers in his mouth and go for her glasses again. It was cute and a little funny. Gosh Easter went by fast. I didn't have anything planned for it, figured this is our last Easter where we really didn't have to do anything. Next year, we will...

There is not much for me to say. I haven't done his 4 month pictures yet, and I haven't gotten the pictures of us from Easter back yet (I actually wore a dress!) So there is not much for me to say...

We went to Brandon's Uncle Randy's church. One of his cousin's daughters was getting baptized, so we went for that. Then we had lunch at his Aunt and Uncle's house. We did Easter on Wednesday with my family so that made it nice for us on Easter. We didn't have to go several different places. We were able to just stay in one place. Well, we did go over to Bonnie and Allen's later, but since they live next door, it wasn't out of the way or anything. Not that doing family stuff is ever out of the way, it just is tiring driving all over town in one day.

Oh, and on Saturday we went to a baby meet and greet with some of the couples from our Bradley Method Child-birthing class. That was so fun. Nice to see them and the babies. Nikolai had the hand of the little girl next to him, and the ear of the little boy on the other side. It was so funny.

 They are all so cute!