Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roll Over Rover - Part 2

before rolling over
Well, you can probably guess what happened today by the title...

That's right, Nikolai rolled over. Not from tummy to back because he does that already, but from back to tummy!

I was with him on the sofa. I was feeding him and he was so fussy! So I placed him on one of the cushions, on his tummy, and he seemed much better. So I grabbed his bunny and we played a little bit until he rolled onto his back. It was a little scary because of being on the sofa, so I placed him on his back in the center of the cushion with his feet at my leg (that made it easier to look at him). We were playing with the bunny some more until he started to push that away. He started talking then, so I figured he was telling a story and rolling from side to side in the process.

He normally does this so I didn't think anything of it, and then I hear the cat meow and run away. In Nikolai's hand is a good chuck of hair! Poor kitty! She was so good, and was actually laying close to Nikolai! She normally keeps her distance and just lately has been staying near Nikolai.  Especially when we aren't holding him, she tends to run away. Well, he had managed to get his hands into her coat and, of course, pulled. At least she didn't attack him or something. It took everything I had to get the hair out of his sticky fingers. They were sticky from sticking them in his mouth. He was VERY fascinated with the hair and was trying very hard to get it into his mouth.

Well, I finally get the hair out of his hands and he starts doing his talking/grunting and rolling side to side. Then he just kept going, and towards the floor. I waited with my arm preventing him from rolling right off. I caught him and he was so surprised! I was cheering him on and his little face was like "what just happened!?" It was cute and I don't think I will see him do it again anytime in the near, near future. But at 16 weeks he has now rolled over both ways! Does the surprise roll over count? Hmm... Well... It gives something to talk to the doctor about come the 27th...

In addition we finally have put the foam tiles down on the floor in his bedroom. It makes for a little softer tummy time. And, I don't have to worry about his little head hitting the hard floor every time. It sounds horrible and scares me every time. But he always seems fine with it.

He has been grabbing things really well. He has pulled off my glasses at least twice today. I understand the appeal of contacts with moms, but I think I wont be able to stick my fingers and leave something in my eyes all day. So besides the smudges I have had to wipe off, I think I can stay with glasses for now.

rolling side to side...