Thursday, August 4, 2011


Nikolai is so funny! We don't say 'peek-a-boo'. Instead we play like they do on Ice Age! "Where's the baby? There he is!"

We had also decided that changing his diaper is easier when his arms are a little more confined and Brandon discovered you can do that by pulling the onsie over his arms. Well, that makes for an excellent hide-and-seek object! Nikolai pulls it over his head, and will quickly pull it back down. He initiates peek-a-boo! It is so cute!

We have to say the "where's the baby?" question quick. When he pulls his onsie back down we say, "there he is!" and he gets the biggest kick out of it! I love it! :)

Yesterday was not a big eating day for Nikolai. I tried with rice cereal, carrots, and peas (though he ate the peas). He didn't really nurse either. With the carrots, I gave up. Nothing got into his mouth. I set the bowl down and got up to get a washcloth to wipe off his face. This is what I came back to...

I think he was getting bored with the carrots! We need to hurry up and introduce things as fast as we can (even though the number of days doesn't change)... I think it was a little funny. Time to make some more broccoli and asparagus, he hasn't had those in a while...