Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Happiness IV

Aside from FINALLY finishing Nikolai's Quilt, there is much to be happy for this week... (Cause I think finishing it was last week, but I cannot remember at this moment...)

We had cousins come and visit. They weren't here to visit us exactly, but more so their family. We wish the circumstances of the visit was better. But at least they got to come down. Hopefully their next visit isn't for a sad event, but just to visit. Getting to see them was an added bonus for us because we live right next door; well, we live next door for now...
Though I haven't finished going through the pictures from our trip last week (either the camping one, or the one to a cousin's wedding), I am so glad that they seem to have been turning out well! I feel that I am learning more, and getting better, at post production. I love photography. Just am not even really amateur quality yet... ;P
This morning, Nikolai knew just what he wanted for breakfast. Eggs with cheese on them, a Hawaiian sweet roll, and some grapes. There was no asking him, he asked for that. Then when he was done he told me "plate, fork, sink". He is such a good little helper! He will put his plate and silverware in the sink when he is done. Love it! He also will help put his toys away before nap time and bed time, and last night he was not ready for bed until his toys were put away! :)  And, Nikolai will also help put dirty clothes in the washer, move the clothes to the dryer, then take them out of the dryer! He will tell me "help". He is not asking to help or asking for help, he tells me I need it. It is so cute! I hope that he stays willing to help. I know he wont; what kid likes to clean up their toys or their room?
Enjoy your weekend! :)
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