Monday, October 15, 2012

Nikolai's Quilt: Finished

What can I say! I am so excited! I have finally finished Nikolai's quilt. My first ever blanket that I have free motion quilted on and I think it looks great! Even the binding looks good, the best I think I have done out of all the things I have done.

The best part, Nikolai likes it. It is his 'star' blanket because one of the blue fabrics has stars on it, and there are several friendship stars in it as well.

I'm just excited that it looks pretty good!

I love it! I am so proud of it! :) My goal was to have it done by the camping trip we took up in Payson, AZ this last weekend and I had it done in time! So glad too because it was so much colder than we were used to! I also did the sleeping bag liner, and I have to say that I am thankful the space heater worked so well because it did not seem to... Unless I was just being wimpy... But I will post more on that later I think.. maybe, hopefully... after I go through the pictures of Nikolai's first plane ride and everything...
But, at least it is now knocked off the ufo/wip list! Hurrah!
1. My first afghan
2. Band Shirt Memory Quilt
4. Tic-Tac-Toe Board
6. Our Wedding Scrapbook/ The Baby Book Scrapbook
7. Nikolai's Quilt
I also want to: (future projects)
  1. sew a sleeping bag liner
  2. sew a bag for our air mattress for camping
  3. the quilt for 100 quilts for kids (layout kinda made and will post more on that later)
  4. Autism Awareness puzzle piece quilt using Pieces of Hope by Riley Blake
  5. Chess game board quilt using Ebony Ginko Stonehenge for Northcott Fabrics
  6. A pair of Christmas pants for Nikolai using an old pair of mine
  7. A set of number, shape and color cards like my Alphabet Flash Cards
2 things are done! Yay!
Now what to do next? probably the Christmas pants and the band shirt quilt... or the labyrinth quilt top... hmm....
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  1. I like the colors and patterns in this quilt. I especially like the complementary colors blue and yellow along with the deep orange. The outer border fabric is PERFECT! Your free motion quilting looks great, and overall it looks so cozy....this quilt has heart! Congratulations!

  2. Beautiful quilt and awesome quilting! Isn't it nice to cross something off our list?

  3. You should be proud! It's abso;utely gorgeous! Love the colors and the FMQ!

  4. Major Happy Dance on this beautiful quilt.

  5. Congratulations on your first finished FMQ project! You did a great job I love the colors and the loft of it! What batting did you use?

    1. I used soft 'n craft extra-loft batting. It is a polyester. I also got enough for a king and doubled up to really have gotten what we wanted. I loved how it worked out.


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